Teh Rulez

For anyone who wants to contribute in some way, either by submitting posts or links (to blogs, articles, tweets, etc), being an editor/moderator, contributing materially (theme and plugin customization, donations of money/wishlist items/beer, etc), or whatever else you can think of, here is some general info, guidelines, and notes, randomly thought up by me, just now, in no particular order. (how’s that for a run-on sentence?)

  • The inspiration for this site comes from Drupleh (which I found about from my wife, @suzecampbell). Don’t ever think this was solely my idea — this is one of those “sincerest forms of flattery” things, alright?Check how they do things to get a feel for what we want. We want things to be funny without being mean. Self-deprecating without being falsely-modest (or falsely big-headed). Be snarky, but don’t be an ass.
  • Primarily, we want to follow Drupleh’s lead: links to real tweets, blog posts, articles, etc., with humorous headlines.
  • But on the other hand, we’re not above making crap up. Ozh has a great mockup with headlines like “MATT BUYS DIYTHEMES” and “YOAST MAKES A PLUGIN THAT GIVES INSTANT PR 10 TO ANY BLOG, MATT CUTTS WHINES”. That’s funny stuff! But we don’t want to go overboard with fake stuff. The best links are going to be of the “funny because it’s true” variety.
  • At the time of this writing, we have folks who have volunteered to make a logo, and to create a theme. We may or may not stick with what those people give me. I expect the site might be in flux for a bit while we settle on the best ways to organize posts. This site is running WordPress 3.1 (beta), and there are plenty of things we could do with custom post formats, custom post types, and taxonomies. I really haven’t had time to put much thought into it yet.
  • I am open to suggestions for plugins and such that might make it easier to manage things. I’ve already put in Blackbird Pie for embedding tweets. I’m thinking of hiding the tweet content, and putting in some jQuery to slide it out on hover or click.
  • I’ve got a random tagline selector plugin installed. Feel free to suggest additional taglines.
  • I figure we’ll let people register as Contributors, and I’ll appoint Authors and Editors to slog through the submissions and edit/post the good ones.
  • I’ve created some categories that might give people ideas. Feel free to suggest others.
  • Lest I need say it again, don’t be mean.

I expect this list of guidelines will evolve over time, and become more formalized. But for now, I hope this gets everybody on the same page.

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