A storm? In winter? Who knew?

Some of the best and brightest minds in WordPress are meeting this week at a secret location to reconnect with each other. Too bad none of them understand the concept of WINTER!

OH: Lessee, we need to set up a retreat for our core team.
Secret Location? Check.
Booked rooms and meeting space? Check.
Organize participants and set agenda? Check.
Set date for retreat? Anyone? Anyone? Oh what the hell, January sounds good. Check.
Book airline seats. Check.
Check weather. Check. Wait, what?

@RyanCDuff #epicweatherfail

Cancelled flights == rebook flights. Check.

Check weather. Worse.
@RyanCDuff #epicweatherfail
Rebook rebooked flights. Check.

More cancelled flights. Order bus tickets. Check.

Check weather. OMGWTFBBQ?
@RyanCDuff #RemovedFromXmasList
Curse at the person who suggested a January retreat. Check. Check. Check.

Attend retreat exhausted. Check.

Damn, can’t wait until next year!


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